Parents and teachers need to play a more active role in making schools safer- Rajeev Sharma

  • 18 Sep 2017 04:55

"Parents and teachers need to play a more active role in making schools safer"- Rajeev Sharma

"Parents and teachers need to play a more active role in making schools safer" - Rajeev Sharma

"Parents and teachers need to play a more active role in making schools safer" - Rajeev Sharma

Campuses require a unique set of security and safety solutions that balance individualised needs while staying mindful of costs and budgets.



When parents wave goodbye to their children at the school gate, they do so with the assurance that their child is going to a place probably safer from their own home. Away from the sharp corners of the tables and the door hinges.

Not anymore. Parents today are constantly checking their phones hoping not to receive any unpleasant call from the school. The recent incidents at some of the most prominent schools in the country are to be blamed. The heinous murder of a seven-year-old child in a school in Gurugram, the rape of a five-year-old in a Delhi school, a bullying incident in a school in Noida and several other instances of molestation of children in schools have reminded us that safety and security measures in schools need to re-evaluated and strengthened.

While CBSE has issued new guidelines in the light of these incidents making it mandatory for schools to conduct regular security audits, police verification, setting of parent-teacher panels etc, schools need to step up on security facilities and integrate stronger security measures on the premises.

The burning question: Who is responsible?

The prime responsibility definitely rests with the schools to ensure safety of the children within the walls of the temples of learning. However, parents and, at a larger level, the government authorities, too must share the responsibility. Parents as part of parents' bodies must engage with schools to identify any shortcoming, loophole with the school or to keep a lookout for any abnormal behaviour with their children when they come back from school. And government authorities must ensure strict implementation of guidelines with respect to adherence of security measures by the schools.

What needs to be done?

Proper verification and background check of employees

Though already mandated by law, it is often found that school authorities are lax in conducting verification and background checks of employees. This must be strictly enforced, for all employees, including housekeeping staff, drivers, clerks, managers, teachers and others. There should be special focus on crosschecking and verifying the antecedents of the staff, who deal with students, especially those in kindergarten or primary classes. More